T.R.A.C. Scottsdale

T.R.A.C. provides a safe place for youth with safe people who care about them!


Teen Reach Adventure Camp

a.k.a. - T.R.A.C.

T.R.A.C. provides a safe place for youth with safe people who care about them!


Every year, youth who have been neglected, abandoned or abused are put into the foster care system, reside in the system and age out of the system. Currently, there are 13,500 children under AZ state supervision and approximately 1,250 will age out this year. Of those who age out, 74% will be homeless, incarcerated or dead within 24 months. We want to team with other caring adults to change these horrible statistics.

At T.R.A.C. and T.R.A.C.life we provide hope through camping and mentoring programs designed especially for these youth.


  • Girls Camp: July 18th – 20th, 2022
  • Boys Camp: July 21tst – 23rd, 2022

T.R.A.C. (TEEN REACH ADVENTURE CAMP) is a camp experience especially designed for at-risk youth, 12-15 years old, who may have experienced abuse, abandonment, neglect or other circumstances. Camps give an opportunity for these youth to experience adventure, face and overcome challenges, engage in teamwork, develop trust, self-confidence and respect for self and others within a supportive and safe environment.

This is a wonderful way to give of your time and come together with like-minded people who want to bring hope to kids who have been abandoned, abused and/or neglected. Volunteers model their Christian faith in a way that shows compassion, encouragement and positive adult role models to walk along side them and be the hands and feet of Christ. Research shows that positive memories with positive people build relationships that can change the trajectory of their lives. One caring adult cannot change the world but one caring adult CAN change the world for One camper.

T.R.A.C. staff work throughout the year to raise funds to sponsor each camper and volunteer to attend camp. It takes close to $40,000.00 to host both camps! Without donations we cannot offer this opportunity to these teens.

3 Days Make A Difference

Teen Reach Adventure Camps are three-day, single-gender programs for at-risk youth usually residing in foster care. Listen to Will Prusia, the National Director of Adventure Camps, describe the experience.


Deadline is April 15th, 2022 in order to qualify for the 2021 tax year!